Renault – Distinctive French cars

Pictures of Renault motorcars and related documents in chronological order

© Original photos and documents from the Michael Schlenger collection


Renault KZ 10 CV phaeton, built from 1923 until 1933


Renault Nervastella, built from 1929 until 1931, used by the German Military Commander in Belgium und Northern France, photo taken between 1940 and 1944


Renault Celtaquatre, Type ADC1, built in 1935, captured by the German Luftwaffe, photo taken in France in 1940


Renault Celtaquatre, Type ADC2, built in 1937/38, captured by the German Wehrmacht, photo taken in Russia in 1941/42


Renault Suprastella, built in 1938, photo taken in 1951 in Grindelwald (Switzerland)